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Tips for Bringing Home Your Christmas Tree

Tis the season! You may have already seen Christmas lights and decorations popping up all over your town. Some people may already have their homes fully decorated with garland, mistletoe and they may...

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Do You Have Fond Memories of Your First Car?

Do you remember your first car? Was it brand new off the lot or a hand-me-down? Whether you received it as a gift on your sixteenth birthday, the day of graduation, or because it was the car your parents used to...

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Seats Versus Trunk – That is the Question!

We all have our own very specific needs when it comes to the vehicles we drive. Some of us have lots of children and need lots of seats. Carpooling with all your children and their friends presents a seat count...

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I Am Ready to Listen to Your Car Needs

Do you feel likeyou are being heard? I know sometimesit may feel that your wants and needs may go unheard or just straight up ignored, but that is not the case when buying a vehicle from...

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Can You Live Without Technology?

Technology is amazing! We use it every day and some of us can’t imagine life without it. We all would like to think we could survive without the technology of today, but could we? A lot of us rely heavily on our...

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I Want to be Your Best & Last Sales Professional

One of my most important goals is creating a respectful and rewarding car buying experience for you. After you choose tobuy a vehicle from me, you will never want another sales professional when needing a new...

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